1975 Rolex 1530, Date with automatic movement in Quartz case

1975 Rolex 1530, Date with automatic movement in Quartz case

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Rolex Date model, reference 1530, in an Oyster Quartz case which preceded the Quartz watches in production by a few years. (Both the stainless steel Date reference 1530, and the two-tone Datejust automatic reference 1630 preceded the production of the Quartz watches and have different dials that were later found in the quartz watches.) The cases for both the 1530 and 1630 automatic models were identical in size. The Date model was offered in stainless steel and the Datejust was offered in two-tone in these automatic references. Both models utilized the automatic caliber 1570 movement.

The serial number is 409XXXX. Previous owner info and the serial number have been covered with red ink for the photos here but are fully visible on the watch and RSC service paper.

This model offered here for sale was very limited in production. Estimates indicate anywhere between 1000 and 1500 models were produced which makes it a very rare production model.

The Date models came with silver dials which were prone to turning tropical yellow. Many also corroded with time. The watch offered here has a beautiful tropical yellow dial in excellent condition. All the tritium markers are fully intact and in excellent condition also.

The watch comes with the original 96660 bracelet with 12 links which exhibits no stretch at all.

All the case markings were stamped on the back of the lugs which are clearly visible and appear to have never been polished in the past.

The mid case has been very minimally polished on the sides and lugs in the past and is in excellent condition. There are a few light scratches on the bezel which do not overly distract from the condition of the watch.

The last known service was by Rolex during 1994 with the original RSC service document included in the sale. The watch currently winds and runs with no issues.

Also included with the purchase is the original Bufkor box at no additional expense.

If you are looking for a very rare Rolex to add to your collection - this could be the one for you.



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